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    PRIME Yalta Rally - 2010
    • PRIME Yalta Rally - 2010
    • The best Ukrainian and foreign rally crew try their own strength on narrow winding mountain lacets.

    On September, 10-12th, 2010, PRIME Yalta Rally - one of the most spectacular events, which are conducted in Crimea, took place. It passed on highways near and in Ai-Petri mountain. Competitions have been holding since 2005 and became more and more popular and interesting for the guests.

    PRIME Yalta Rally is a stage of European Cup. The best rally crews of Ukraine and foreign countries test themselves on narrow serpentine roads in mountains.

     It is one of the most interesting, exacting and enthralling competitions, Yalta Rally has already made long-awaited debut among European Cup stages and become extremely popular because of its compact series of well arranged, high-speed asphalt sections of the Crimean mountain roads and Yalta and Alushta valleys."

    Open and Close ceremonies take place on the brilliant Yalta quay. Special areas of rally basically are situated on in mountainous places. Rally is famous for its narrow asphalt mountain roads. The special areas which stay high above the sea level give unforgettable spectacle to the view of mountains and valleys.

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