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    Valley of Ghosts
    • Valley of Ghosts
    • Valley of the ghosts is an area in the Crimea, the concentration of fantastically shaped rocks on the western slope of the southern ridge of the array Demirci. The forms of the rocks caused by weathering of the Upper Jurassic conglomerates of the southern Demirci. The valley of ghosts is a popular tourist destination, which received its present name in the end of XIX century. 

    Valley of Ghosts is a monument of nature at the foot of Demerdshi mountain. The slopes of Demerdshi mountain are  unique rock conglomerations which are usually called a stone chaos. The form and the size of the stones are so intricate that one can recognize different figures and portraits created by nature.
     Throwing long shadows these figures change their outlines so that one can distinguish more and more new images in them. That’s why this place is called the Valley of Ghosts. One can find here a frog, a head of a warrior as well as a portrait of Boris Yeltsin.

    The most famous legend tells of a blacksmith, who lived on the mountain. He forged the weapons here, and was so aggressive and unkind, that in his free time terrorized a village in the valley. Once blacksmith captured the girl from the village. The girl tried to flee, but tripped on a rock, fell and died. The God of the mountains got angry and huge boulders broke down from the mountain, destroying and forge and blacksmith, and the village. And now these boulders lie in the valley.  

    And walking along the narrow path to the observation ground an the top of the mountain one can enjoy the marvelous view: mountains, sun rays piercing the clouds, a town lying in the valley and sea glittering in the sunlight.

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