Sights of Crimea

    Cat Mountain
    • Cat Mountain
    • Cat Mountain is a cave in the Crimean mountains near the village Simeiz.  is a complex natural monument of state importance(since 1984) in Simeiz.  

    The name is originally from the crimea-tatar Kosh-Kaya (Qoş Qaya). Later the name was interpreted by Russian inhabitants: the shape of the mountain was associated with a cat that was sitting. The height of the mountain is 254 meters.

    This is a complex natural monument (since 1947) of state importance (since 1984). Such a name was given because of the theintricate form of the mountain: if you peer into the distance you can really see a “head” on the shore, a bit upper is a bent 260 m long “back” and then a “tail” of a giant cat as if it is drinking the sea water. 

    There is a deep 80 m long karst shaft inside the mountain range. And this geological basis is covered by the emerald blanket of relic woodlands. Cat mountain is the unique place in the Union of Independent States where fumana grows. There are sixteen local species that are registered in the Red Book.

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