Sights of Crimea

    Uchan-Su Waterfall
    • Uchan-Su Waterfall
    • The location of the highest Crimean waterfall. Uchan-Su Waterfall is situated on the southern slope of Ai-Petri mountain in 6 kilometras from Yalta. Its heights is 98,5 metres.  

    The highest of the Crimean waterfalls is situated on the Uchan-Su (Waterfall) River, which is 8,4 km long. Uchan-Su can be trananslated from the Tatar language as “falling, flying water”. The source of the river is located at the height of 800-900 meters on Ai-Petri mountain pasture slopes.The upper reaches of the river flow through a ravine. Within 2 km from its source at the height of 390 meters the river forms a waterfall consisting of four steps 90, 15, 7 and 8 meters high.
    Its location is really unique:– thundering cascade, sheer rocks and cliffs, resinous pines. In summer the waterfall has little water.


    In all its glory it can be seen only in spring, during floods, when the Ai-Petri snow melts and flows of water begin with the noise dash from the hundred-meter down the ledge, filling the air with myriads of glittering spray. At that moment he fully justifies its name.

    In  summer almost all the water is taken for Yalta and only a few small streams bustling run down the steep cliff. It happens that in summer the river dries up. From 1938 to 1946 she dried up 9 times.


    On the way to the Wuchang-Su we can find another very picturesque mountain stream - Yauzlar. It also makes some small but very pretty waterfall, and then flows into the river and waterfall, then rushes to the city.


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