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    Chersonesos Tavricheskiy
    • Chersonesos Tavricheskiy
    • Chersonesos Tavricheskiy is one of the centers of the ancient civilization of the North Black Sea region.

    Chersonesos Tavricheskiy is one of the centers of the ancient civilization of the North Black Sea region. It was founded in 422-421 B.C. by the Greeks from Heraclea of Pontia situated on the Asia Minor coast of the Black sea. Having existed for over 17 centuries, in 1299 during the Tatar-Mongol invasion the city was destroyed and since the second half of the XV c. seized to exist.

    Own developed, diversified agriculture, first of all wine growing and panification was an economic basis of Chersonese. Chersonese was also the important fishery center. In estuaries and lakes salt was extracted. In a city crafts developed: ceramic, weaver's, metalcutting.

    Brisk trade was conducted with cities of southern coast of Black sea, east Mediterranean, Athenes, Olviya. Import subjects were various raw materials, color and precious metals, olive oil, marble, fabrics, glasswares, ornaments. Export subjects - agricultural products, salty fish, fish sauces. Chersonese conducted also wide intermediary trade. In exchange for wine, fish, products of handicraftsmen inhabitants of Chersonese received from Scythians and other tribes bread, cattle, skin, slaves which substantially went to other Ancient Greek cities.

    The big development in Chersonese was received by a science, art, architecture, military science. Having existed more than 17 centuries, in 1299 in mongolo-tatar invasion the city has been destroyed and since second half XV century has stopped the existence.

    The study of the ruins of Chersonesos began in late XVIII c. In 1892 on the basis of the archeological diggings of Chersonesos a museum was established, in 1978 the State Historic-archeological Reserve was organized, which besides the city area of Chersonesos includes: remains of the agricultural farmsteads of the city “Heraclean clers”, and the fortress of Calamita XV c., the cave monastery in Inkerman VIII-IX c.c. and Genoese fortress of Chembalo 1357-1433 in Balaklava. On territory of preserve the Vladimirskiy cathedral is bilt as a memory about christening in 988 in Chersonesos of the sainted prince Vladimir and as honor of beginning of christening of Rus, on territory founded in 1850 Chersonesos St. Vladimir monastery.

    For now a project of the concept of the State program of the development of the national reserve “Chersonesos Tavricheskiy” for 2006-2020 is processed, in which in particular it’s planned to create an Archeological Park.

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