Sights of Crimea

    Yalta Promenade
    • Yalta Promenade
    • Yalta Promenade is the oldest central, extremely beautiful street. Its official name is Promenade named after Lenin. The Promenade is lined up with palm-trees. One can enjoy magnolia smell and see a continuous range of bars, cafes, restaurants, side-shows.

    Poet Zhukovsky found the only structure, custom’s house there in 1837. The Promenade was an ordinary coastal strip. Then in order to look like a ship’s board it was lifted , reinforced with stone blocks and surrounded with metal railing, under the design of Bertiye-Delagard and Shevtsov. Two tiers of it were made in 1961 to protect the basement of the Promenade against storms.

    It was paved with slabs of different magma rocks in 2002-2004. A great amount of work was made to restore all the establishments that were the highlights of pre-revolutionary Yalta.

    In its architecture the most improbable styles are weaved. On Quay there are buildings of the Main post office, the International sea club, restaurant "McDonald's" and constructions of attractions. Here there is a favourite meeting place of youth —  V.I.Lenin´s monument covered by palm trees. The western part (at Seaside park) is decorated by schooners-cafes of "Espanola" constructed for filmings and the flying design of cafe "Golden Fleece" in the form of the Ancient Greek ship a building of hotel an Oreanda. Opposite to it the huge spherical crone 500 years old plane tree of Ajsedory allocates - the well-known American ballerina appointed meetings to poet Sergey Yesenin under this majestic tree.

    Yalta quay is a scene of action of many works of art and mass culture. Among these products the most known are A.P.Chekhov's well-known story «the Lady with the doggie» and S.A.Solovyova's film "Assa".

    From the Quay middle, near moorings for steam-ships of local lines and walking boats, the rope-way which conducts on the hill of Darsan begins.

    Near the bottom station of the rope-way there is the building of hotel which was constructed in 1875. In 1876 in the hotel seriously ill N.A.Nekrasov had been living for about two months. Here he was not treated only, but also worked over a poem «Who Lives Well in Russia». Improbable quantity of known names are mentioned on a memorial board of the hotel. The building is interesting also with the architecture and engineering decisions.

    In the western part the Quay is crossed by the bridge through the river Uchan-Su on which the showroom of the Union of artists is constructed.

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