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    Swallow's Nest Castle
    • Swallow's Nest Castle
    • The Swallow's Nest castle was recognized a winner of 7 Yalta Wonders Contest-Action in 2008.  Romantic knight’s castle named Swallow's Nest, which clings to an inaccessible 40-metre Aurora cliff of Cape Ai-Todor in the village of Gaspra is really striking Crimean site. The Swallow’s Nest has become a true symbol not only of the South Coast but also of the whole Crimea.

    This place offers a magnificent view of Sail Rock, Yalta, Yalta harbour, Bear Mountain (Ayu-Dag). Fairy tale Swallow’s Nest Castle has hung over the sea surface for comparatively short period of time, just for a bout 100 years. But in ancient times there was an ancient temple on the very rocky jut where the castle is situated nowadays. The Swallow’s Nest I got its present look due to a German oil baron von Steingel. The baron was probably missing his native Germany and wished to leave memory about medieval knight’s castles in the Crimea. That’s why a world famous romantic castle resembling medieval fortresses on the Rhine banks was constructed on Aurora Rock in 1912.

    Having survived earthquake with magnitude 6-7, this tiny castle virtually has not been damaged. After its renovation the castle has officially been recognized an architectural monument of national significance of the 20th century. The Swallow's Nest castle was recognized a winner of 7 Yalta Wonders Contest-Action in 2008.

    In the end of IX century a picturesque spur with cottage located on it has bought Moscow merchant woman Rakhmanov. Not deprived of a sentimentality proprietress considered mansion house as a fantastic shelter of love, and plain wooden construction reconstructed by her - «the love castle». Nevertheless, the structure was more known till ourdays under a name "Swallow's nest".

    The present look of "Swallow's nest" has received thanks to the German petroindustrialist to a baron von Shtejngelju who bought the construction of Rahmanova in 1911. Baron, developing deposits of the Baku oil, possibly, missed native Germany and has wished to leave memory of Middle Ages knight's castles in Crimea. Therefore in 1912 instead of a wooden summer residence on Avrora rock the world famous romantic lock reminding medieval fortresses on coast of Rhine has been constructed.

    In 1914 the petrodeveloper sells the construction to merchant P.G.Shelaputin  under restaurant that has begun new tradition of use of this construction. In days of civil war "Swallow's nest" fell into decay. However soon it was repaired and again opened the restaurant which worked up to earthquake on September, 12th, 1927. At the foot of "Swallow's nest" sanatorium "Pearl" stretched in which the Soviet military leaders had a rest: marshals Budyonny and Rokossovsky. The beach of sanatorium is considered one of the best at southern coast of Crimea and nowadays.

    This tiny castle, having endured strong 6-7 earthquake, has suffered a little, in the sea its sharp spikes and a piece of a rock from under the bottom balcony have only broken. Many years the building was considered emergency and has been closed: the stone palace has started to sink, stones dropped out of the basis. Tens years "Swallow's nest" remained inaccessible to visitors, and only in 1968 under supervision of architect I.G.Tatieva yalta builders have begun its restoration. The construction has been restored in 1971. Under its basis the monolithic ferro-concrete plate has been brought, cracks are concreted, restoration works are spent.

    During these works changes have been made from which the architectural building image has a little changed . After restoration the castle is officially recognized by a monument of architecture of national value of last century. Wide popularity the castle was received thanks to the episodes of an old, unforgettable film finished shooting here "Person-amphibian". Under Avrora  rock there was "den" of "a sea devil» Ihtiandra! In the same rocks Stanislav Govorukhin removed «Ten Black children».

    In 2008 lock "Swallow's nest" is recognized by the winner of competition-action of "7 miracles of Yalta».

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