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    Genoese Fortress
    • Genoese Fortress
    • Genoese Fortress is a monument of medieval architecture of universal importance. It is the only preserved Genoese citadel in the Crimea. It was built by Genoese in the period between 1371-1469. The fortress is situated on the ancient coral reef, in a conical form, near the Sudak Bay of the Black Sea.

    The fortification designed by Genoese  in the best Western European medieval traditions  affects a lot, the fortress makes a great perfection with the perfect engineering. Area of the fortress is 29,5 hectares.

    It is located on a cone-shaped hill of the ancient coral reef. From the east and south the citadel is impregnable, on the west – hardly impregnable,on the north-east side the deep blocks an access.

    The fortress has two defensive tiers. The low defensive tier is an outer massive wall 6-8 m high and 1, 5 - 2 m thick. It is fortified with 14 defensive towers, 15 m high each, and with the Central Gate.

    The upper defensive tier comprises Council’s Castle and towers connected with a wall, as well as Look-out Tower on the very top.

    Only three walls of the tower have been preserved, the forth one fell into the sea. The remains of the fire-place, niche and a stone staircase have been preserved. As early as the 19th century s a fresco of Catholic Madonna whose heart was stabbed with seven swords stood out on one of the walls. 

    Генуэзская крепость в Судаке

    There is Corner Tower next to Look-out Tower. 27 slabs with crosses of different forms are installed in the tower walls. There are two basins carved out in the rock on each side of the tower. They were filled with water from a small river.

    Consular Castle - is a complex of buildings and is the most interesting from survived in the fortress. The main tower, called the dungeon, takes all the transverse space of the upper part of the fortress and is connected by thick walls of the second tower in the northeast corner of the castle. On the ground floor of this tower there is a recess with a rounded top.

    The barelief image of Saint George once adorned a small plate over it whence comes the name of the tower - St George.

    There are very interesting extant inscriptions on the gates and towers of the lower city wall. There was a slab Under the battlements of the tower Beriabo di Franco Di Pagano with the inscription: "1414, the fourth day of July, the construction of this fortress is finished...".

    Генуэзская крепость в Судаке

    In the fortress An ancient temple  affects by its fate. By assumption of A.L.Berthier-Garde and other scientists, firstly there was a mosque built by the Seljuk Turks in the 20 years of XIII century. She then, apparently, was rebuilt to the Orthodox church, and then by the Genoese - to the Catholic church. After taking Sudak by Turks it agained was turned into a mosque. And after the Crimea went to Russia there were a military Orthodox Church, the German Church, the Armenian-Catholic church.

    Nowadays the Fortressof Sudak is protected by the state. Scientific researches and restoration works are being carried out on its territory.

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