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    Livadiya. Park. Fountain

    Livadia Palace-Park Complex is an outstanding architectural and park monument. The Palace was constructed in 1910-1911 under design of architect Krasnov who used Italian Renaissance, Gothic and Oriental
    Architectural details.
    Alexander II bought the Palace for his wife in 1860. Pototsky’s house was reconstructed to house the palace. The Place was inherited by Alexander III, later on to Nicholas II. The ramshackle big palace was demolished in 1904 and they constructed a new palace under design of the architect Krasnov.

    The Crimean (Yalta) Conference of the heads of 3 anti-Hitler coalition states (the USSR, USA, Great Britain) was held in the Palace Big (White) Hall in February 4-11, 1945. They made a decision to establish the Organization of United Nations, adopted “ Declaration about Liberated Europe” and other documents that had a considerable impact on the world destiny. The Palace during the conference was an official residence of the USA President Roosevelt. Nowadays it houses the Livadia Place-Museum.
    The Palace is surrounded with a big park, one of the best on the South Coast of the Crimea.

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